Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hana Tajima

Okay, now I wanna tell you about one of my idol. I don't know but since I wore hijab in last 7 months, I already adore her. She's beautiful (exactly), inspiring, well I don't know how to describe her in words but you have to know that she's amazing and I really like her! Anyway, she's Muslim and hijabers too. I like her style, casual, sometimes feminine but in the other side slightly boyish.
I'm on my way to be feminine in my own way (little strange to say it) because I'm a boyish one. Lil' bit uncomfortable with the girlie style, tight shirt, mini skirt or something else like that, I'm not that type.

Okay, let's talk about Hana Tajima, folks!

Her name is Hana Tajima-Simpson, She's 23, with a Japanese father and English mother. She have a pretty mixed background, both her parents are artists, so she grew up in a really creative environment. She didn't study fashion for that long, and although she's a self-confessed geek she never really got along with formal education. Hana has a great style, very elegant and chic, but still looks simple.

Simple & feminine but still looks slightly boyish, that's what I really like from Hana Tajima.

And this is few pictures of her, gorgeous I said! ♥ 

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