Friday, March 4, 2011

Another Way To Describe A Same Topic.

Finally, I got a new topic for this post. After long time I haven't got any idea or inspiration for writing, you guess what? I think I will post anything about fashion. More fashion and more. In my previous blog I tell you about my creations on Looklet and some kind of look that inspire me. Now, I will post about the things that I really want and I really want to wear. So, despite of that things, I really want to reduce my body weight. I want to look skinny (not really skinny, otherwise) like when I was 15-16 years old. I was a high school student at that time and I'm still in progress to do that. But you know, sometimes it depress me a lot when you already working hard but the result? No any changes.
For fashion, I'm a type of person who like an outfit that has a warm looks, besides of a comfy one. Floral do looks good, but sometimes I prefer to wear something plain. No any pattern, just plain. Brown, black and gray, such a good color to wear. I really adore those colors.
Lately, I really like to use my old blue jeans jacket and I always combine it with floral shirts or plain tee. And the bottom, just a jeans and sneakers or sandals. I'm not a good fashion matchmaker, you know. I have a lot of creation inside my head, but I can't apply it for my own self.
Mine is little bit dull, but I still like it, tho.

And this.. I can't say anything. I really like this outfit!
And this one, my dreamy floral shirt. The lace, give me a thrill to have it, soon!

I like that brown cardigan, but with no that blue ribbons.

I can't resist. Pretty..


I really want this and I've seen it at Class Room, and the price is so unreasonable.
I can make a list--a wish list, for real--but the money that I will spend is no half-hearted. I will spend pile of money, but for that blue shirt with a lace on it, I will buy it! No matter how much the price is, I already have a crush on it.

Fashion, always makes you wonder..

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