Saturday, June 4, 2011

Melancholia: It's More Than Longing.


It's been a week that I'm home, we're separated by distance just for a while. You know what I do when you're there and I'm here? Sounds excessive, yes, but I'm counting down the days, doesn't mean that I'm not enjoying my time with my family, big no. Like I said, it's bipolar. My expression is bipolar.
Smile. I'm happy to see my family, spending time together with them. Sleep in my blue room, staring at those memorable wall, sitting in the living room and enjoying snack, washing dishes and else.
Sad. I'm sad to leave you there and realize that a week is a pretty long time to go without you. I used to wait you and see your face everyday, and it's not. And when I saw your display picture on BBM, it's more than longing. I hold back my tears and braced myself that tomorrow I'll be back to Surabaya and I'll see my Grandma and you. Yes, you. More than longing, dear. It leads to needs. I need you here.

Lately I've been missing you. 

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