Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Desire for April.. Means A Lot, Anyway.

Hello guys, it's been a pretty long time that I haven't write anything in this blog, because I'm pretty busy and tired lately. Oh my.. It's April. I know it's not April 1st, but it's already 9th but it feels like the 1st anyhow. Talking about my previous blog, which titled 'March: Beginning & The End.", now I found out that April is my beginning. It's a begin for a new feeling, I'm incredibly happy, passionate and I don't know, I can't describe it in words. Maybe it's because of him, Barosy Debby Eyspana. In case, he is my classmate and my boyfriend now. First, I feel like 'oh my, it can't be happened!' but now I thank You God, for showing him to me. Insya Allah, we're good for each other and we can bring ourselves to be better person for the future.
It's funny of I remember about us, in this case for me & him. When he told me about his feeling, his face began to blush and I laugh at it. Cruel, yes. But his face in intolerable, his face turns red like an apple and yes, laughter everywhere. But if you read this my dearest Monju, I'm sure that you're good for me. If you're a good man, you won't do anything that has a possibility to ruin our relationship. I'm sorry for yesterday, but I feel it's good for us. To let us know what happened in our hearts and we can spilling all of our steam than we have to hold those pains.

 And yesterday, my friend, Andhika, is really really impossibly passionate to give his prediction to me. He's a fortune teller, using his lovely tarot cards, and he start to give me his prediction about college and Mochi. And guess what? The result is really annoying (sorry for that, but it's true). My relationship with Mochi will be fine ('cause I know he's good for me, Insya Allah), but there's many obstacles. Well, I'm fine with that prediction, but for my college? I can said that it's annoying, irritating or something else.
He said, that my college life will be ruined. Okay, I admit that prediction is really make me down, really make me think. Think about what I should do now. And then I got a revelation. I try to see every single sunny side of everything, and I finally found out that maybe Andhika try to tell me that not because I have a boyfriend and now I forget about my college life. My Mom said that I should prioritize my college life first. I know it, I know my purpose here, and I need someone to give me lot of support. And I wish, it's him.
Thank you Mom, thank you Andhika and all of my friends that already give me so many advices. Now I try to keep my college and love life balanced as possible. And wish me luck for that.

That's a sad one and now let's move to good one, okay?

So, yesterday we watched London Boulevard, which is the weirdest movie we've ever seen. First, it's a good film and I can understand the plot, so does him. But further and further, we start to get lost with that. And when the movie's over, we're staring at each other and we exchange our do-you-get-that and do-you-know-what-is-it-mean view. But, yesterday is a good day, ever. I can see your smile, laugh, your silly face when you see me blushing.

"I've never been in love with anyone until you came along, not real love anyway. Not like this, and I'd be a fool if I let you slip away without a fight." --Nicholas Sparks

Thanks for being there when my time is superb hard. Thanks for going through that time with me. Thanks for make me sure that you’re good for me. I know it’s hard, and I already told you that my heart is like a stone, but on the other hand, thank you God for showing me someone that I need, and that is you. And now, I just hope that we can spend our time together and I wish we’re good for each other.

Nevertheless, I already put my expectations on you, and I care for you :)

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